Seattle, WA

Full Stack Web Developer- Contract Position

Role: Full-Stack Web Developer

A full-stack python Developer ready to help bring the next version of our internal task management tool to production.

We’re specifically looking for someone who can engage directly with end-users to determine their needs, pain-points, and processes, in order to effectively communicate these to team members and management, as well as lead user-testing and deployment efforts.


$7,000 - $9,000 / Mo. dependant on skills and experience.

Term of Employment:

3 Months with month to month extension

Project Description:

We’re working on a rebuild of our internal task management tool. The application supplements an existing freight management system and is used to ensure customer expectations are met.

The tool is built on a web stack for portability/deployment purposes but is a full fledged application. Architecturally it’s service based rather than a monolith, with a separate frontend, backend, database and message queue for async tasks.

The application is in the final stretch before real testing/deployment, we’re looking for someone to help us get there with user testing, design cleanup, rounding out user interfaces/middleware, deployment, etc.

Role Responsibilities:

  • User research (facilitating/leading user testing, getting feedback from users on visual design, user interface, user experience, gathering user requirements etc.)

  • Frontend development including browser/client side (HTML templating, css, javascript) as well as middleware (programming routes, handling forms, making requests to api, etc.). We currently don’t make use of any css or js frameworks, so ability to write plain (and modern) HTML/CSS/JS is crucial.

  • Acquisition of domain knowledge, learning exactly how users actually intend to use the application.

  • Crafting developer and user documentation.

  • Assisting with initial deployment/production rollout.

Skills/Experience with Tools:

  • Knowledge of modern HTML/CSS/Javascript

  • Experience working with backend web frameworks (python frameworks particularly desired).

  • Working with relational databases and ORMs, including the migration process.

  • Remote deployment/configuration of web servers, databases and other services.

  • Docker/Docker-Compose experience.

  • Unix terminal usage (Servers run on Ubuntu).

  • Use of git for version control.

  • Experience deploying, including knowledge of the potential pitfalls associated with it.

  • Ability to plan and complete objectives independently.

  • Ability to work effectively in a small team (Currently there’s only one developer).


  • Python (3.6+) (Use of the Flask web framework a huge plus)

Bonus Skills:

  • Experience/Knowledge of mobile design. We’re designing for desktop first, but keeping mobile devices in mind. We are not developing a mobile application at this time.

  • Knowledge of the freight forwarding/shipping/logistics industry.


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